One Man Wrecking Crew


This project was made within the subject “Shader Programming” in my seventh bachelor semester. I learned how to write my own shaders using Unity Engine and HLSL.

We then had one month in teams of three to create a game in which all shaders were self-written. As the focus and grading was only based on the written shaders, many regular game features like a main menu were not implemented.

Screenshot of the game.



  • Konstantin Karas (Shader + Game Logic)
  • Jakob Raith (Shader + Music + Controls, his website)
  • Me (Shader + Enemies + Game Logic)


Downloadlink: A build .exe



“One Man Wrecking Crew” is a arena survival endless spaceshooter. You control a spaceship in a small arena in which periodically spawn enemies. Shooting down the enemies is the goal of the game as it increase the player score. After specific score values, the difficulty of the game increases. This is symbolised to the player by a colored wave effect coming from the center of the arena.

There are three unique enemy types which are introduced in the first three difficulties.



Second screenshot of the game

You can control the game via controller or the keyboard. The latter is recommended as the game was built and tested with a XBox360 controller. The left stick controls the movement, the right dynamically determines the direction the player is shooting.
On the keyboard, W,A,S,D keys are used to move while the player will shoot in the direction of pressed arrow keys.