My first videogame project.


In my first semester, C# and the Unity-Engine was taught and the first task was to create a spaceshooter game.

Screenshot of the game

The 3D models were created with Blender.

Download: TBD




[W,A,S,D] to move horizontally and vertically.
[Space] to Shoot (the player can simply hold space without disadvantages)
[ i ] to cheat yourself more lives (which may be necessary)


The red number in the top left of the screen show the number of lives left. Whenever hit, the player ship starts to blink representing an invinicible state.

A yellow number in the top right shows the current stage (or level) the game is in. After a specific amount of time, the game progresses to the next level.
Shooting down enemies as well as asteriods reward the player points which can give extra lives.


The game consists of 16 stages:
– they change the values of enemies as well as their spawn rate and amount
– stage 10 is a miniboss
– the final stage confronts the player with an endboss, having different kind of weapons and movement structure