TU-Escape VR

TU-Escape VR is a project resutling from the subject “Open Real Time Games Workshop” in my sixth bachelor semester:


The task was to create a video game utilizing the HTC Vive within three weeks. My team of three decided to create an excape-room-like puzzle game using the Unity-Engine, SteamVR and for the 3D models the program Blender.



  • Jana Hoffard (2D Art + Programming)
  • Monika Srdic (2D + 3D Art)
  • Me (Game Design + Level Design + 3D Models)


Downloadlink: TBD
One additional task was to create a trailer of the game, which you can find here.
Our game design document.



You play as an alien which undergoes an intelligence test in Area 51. Freedom is the reward for success. As the player, you start of in a dark room and hardly see anything. You have 25 minutes to escape through the door.

We manually fit the virtual room to the “play-area” of the Vive, so no teleportation mechanic or similiar are required. One cannot cheat knowledge either, as sticking the virtual head into an object makes the whole screen go black.

Furthermore, despite only having simple player mechanics and interactions, every riddle is of a different type and therefore making each unique. The player can only pickup items, rotate, throw them and push buttons, but there are many diverse implications of those simple interactions.



The game was presented at the Vernissage of Game Camp Munich 2018.