Auris is a unfinished hobby novel project on which I (unregular) work since march 2015.


I classify the book as a fantasy mystery novel. The story is told in switching third-person perspectives and plays around what the reader knows and not. In most cases, the reader does not know more than the characters, there are even instances where the other way around is true.


The sample version can be read here.



The story resolves around four characters. Thallan Mhoun, who freely touches a crystal which teleports him to a completely strange world. His goal: Finding the Auris (whatever that is).

The kretan Selinya Rati struggles in her conflict with politics and her own character. Trying to make friends, she makes more enemies.

Collin Huxley goes back to a city to which he turned his back in the past. He is a daredevil and many wanted to kill him in the past. He is searching for his wife and a good friend of him, but both seem to have disappeard and worse, the past is catching up to him. How is he gonna talk him out of it this time? Where are his wife and friend?

Melissa travels forth from her town, trying to seek out the mystery of the artifact given by her mother. But fascists stand in her way, trying to destroy what’s left of the Era of Mages.