• Description: Low-Fantasy Mystery Novel
  • Technology: LaTeX
  • Scale: Side-project since effectively 2019
  • Team Size: Only me
  • Job: Wordbuilding, Character and narrative design, Writing the actual book contents
  • Biggest Learning: Writing is fun, but the first draft is never good. Proofreading and getting feedback from others help tremendously.


There is a lot to tell about the world of “Auris”. It is a non-typical fantasy-medieval world that plays around things we take as granted in the real world. It focuses around four protagonists in switching third-person perspectives.

  • Thallan Mhoun: The “Numeral Master”, being a genius in pattern recognition and logical thinking. But bored with his job, he touches a recently found crystal that transports him into a completely strange world full of mysteries. The Auris, whatever it actually is, should be somewhere, but where?
  • Selinya Rati: A kretan, mixing all kinds of exotic herbs to get even more strange potions. Being arrogant and a little sassy, she has problems making friends, all the while being given more power and responsibility, thinks she has never handled before. Politics are way more complicated than she initially thought, and she barely want to be diverted of her valuable research.
  • Collin Huxley: Once a master of intrigues, he comes back into a city to which he turned his back in the past. He is a daredevil and unfortunately, many people of the past haven’t forgotten him. How is he gonna talk him out of trouble this time?
  • Melissa Harington: This young, acrobatic girl is troubled with difficult parents, one gullible and the other scarred with failure. Being handed a mysterious artifact by her mother, she decides to venture forth and find out all she can about that magical item of a time long past. Surprisingly for her, the adventure reveals many histories and religions of the world and turns them upside-down.

To help me with my novel, I organize a group of proofreaders that regularly give me feedback. If you want to read the current version or even become part of this group, Write an e-mail to me