Flappy Browser

  • Description/Genre: 2D Sidescroller Adventure
  • Technology: Unity, Kinect 2.0
  • Scale: 2.5 months (among other subjects)
  • Team Size: Four
  • Job: 2D+3D Models, Level Design, Game and Enemy Logic
  • Download-Link: TBD
  • Biggest Learning: Good organization and team-communication is key. Plan for design-flaws in tools that still have to be developed.


Physically moving your arms up and down pushes the player figure “Browser” upwards (flapping wings), giving the player control over his vertical position. Leaning your upper-body moves the player horizontally. If you stretch both arms in front of you, Browser will fire a fireball to his right.

As this game is kind of labor-intensive, the levels were designed to be short but intense.

Over the course of the levels, many new Obstacles are introduced. There is also an endless mode in which you face a giant enemy and you increase your score by hitting him. But each time you do so, the difficulty will increase.