Master’s Thesis

  • Description: Thesis with the title: “Evaluation of Gamification Aspects of a Vibration Board in Movement Therapy on the Example of Exercise Games”
  • Technology: Unity, C#, Qt, LaTeX
  • Scale: Six Months
  • Team Size: Only me (consulted by therapists)
  • Biggest Learning: A fixed week cycle and a solid sleep rythm can really keep you engaged and in a good condition for work. Thinking and planning ahead ensures you meet the key milestones and keep you focused on the most important things, forcing you to neglect things that are only secondary if need be.


This master’s thesis was written at the “Chair of Robotics” of the TU Munich. In combination with the company reFit Systems and their consulting therapists, I created a combination of vibration-based therapy and the motivational power of gamification. For that, I also developed an algorithm that detects squatting gestures executed in front of a camera. For full details, click the link above.