ONUW Custom Set of Roles

  • Description: Overhaul Modification of the party game “One Night Ultimate Werewolf”
  • Technology: Inkscape
  • Scale: Side-project in approx. 5 months
  • Team Size: Only me
  • Job: Modifying Game-Rules, creating custom role-card designs
  • Biggest Learning: Designing more and more content brings up the danger of over-filling a game. In addition, all possible ability/role combinations become hard to track and balance.


This project started from my dissatisfaction with some of the original games’ philosophies and mechanics.

Biggest changes:

  • Every role is fun to play, not only fun to play with or against (the “Drunk” in the original game is fun to play with, but not so for the player being the drunk)
  • I reduced some of the – in my opinion – unnecessary complexity of the game rules, by completely removing the marker system from the original vampire expansion.
  • But for the players who love complexity, I created some roles that in themselves (without adding/changing game rules) are quite complex to handle.
  • On my role-card-design, I added explanations to the roles and also tags for better and quicker understanding. If a player forgot what his role is doing, he can just read his card.

Many of my university friends enjoyed my version of the game. At some point, it was regularly played at “games night” at the TUM faculty of informatics. After some requests, I created some copies of my custom playing-set.