SemesterGameJam Organisation


The “SemesterGameJam” is an event in which participants form groups and build a video game from scratch within 42 continuous hours.

This every semester returning event is organized voluntarily by students (founded by Lena Fischer in winter term 2014/15) and exclusively financed through sponsors.
Goal of the event is to get practical experience in a smooth and entertaining environment, learn people from different areas of expertise, get first contacts to the industry and learn extraordinary topics through talks.

The event is nearly exclusively directed at students and interesting in the areas game design, art, sound and programming.

Participants do not have to pay for anything, food, drinks and rooms are free to consume and use.
Since my third bachelor semester (winter term 2017), I became part of the organisation team and worked with multiple team members to constantly improve the currently biggest student driven gamejam in Germany.

My current role in the team is the one we call “Coordinator”. I have the overview, assign tasks, manage documents like the agenda, todo lists and the meetings.


Official SGJ Info document: SGJ_Infos.pdf (might be outdated)




Contact: kontakt[at]semestergamejam[dot]de


Status from 12.2018:
With a record of ~153 participants:
+ Biggest student driven gamejam in Germany [inofficial]
+ Third biggest gamejam in Germany [inofficial]

The SemesterGameJam was rewarded with the price of excellent student projects in winter term 2015/16.

Articles about the event:

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