The epic tale of Rwin P.G.

  • Technology: Unity
  • Scale: 42 continouse hours (friday to sunday)
  • Team Size: Five
  • Job: Game Design, Programming (movement, minigames, dialogue system, combat)
  • Biggest Learning: 42 hours is not much time to create a game, yet still is quite possible.
  • Won second place at the aforementioned gamejam.


It was made at a gamejam with the topic “cliché”. The game resolves around a typical high-fantasy medieval setting, while at the same time doing everything opposite. You start the game by trying to slay a dragon, only to find out the dragon is not able to pay the rent for his cave. The rest I do not want to spoil, because that’s part of the main beauty of the game.

Do you wonder about the strange name(s)? This should clear it up:

Rwin P.G. RPG = Roleplaying Game
Alex T.K. ATK = Attack
Irina N.T. INT = Intelligence
Dora E.X. DEX = Dexterity
Shryne T.R. STR = Strength
Dahlklingen e.F. DEF = Defense

Fun Fact: If you take the first letter of each character from top to bottom, you get the word “RAIDS” which is another infamous game-related slang word.