Flappy Browser

This project was created within the university course “Active Sport Games” in my fifth bachelor semester.


We had two and a half months to create a game using the kinect 2.0 which demanded the player in physical ways.



  • Linus Seidler (Programming, Game Logic, UI)
  • Oliver Jung (Art, Animation, Effects and Music)
  • Liou Bao (Gesture Handler + Programming)

    The “Wall of Flappys” Level

  • Me (Level Design + Art + Enemies)


Downloadlink: TBD



You play as the dragonlike creature called “Browser” fighting level after level in a 2D sidescroller adventure game.

When physical moving your arms up and down you controll the vertical position of Browser. Leaning your upper-body moves the player horizontally. If you stretch both arms in front of you, Browser will fire a fireball to his right.

“Level selection” menu

Over the course of the levels, many new Obstacles are introduced. Enemies that shoot projectiles after you and similiar. There is also an endless mode in which you face a giant enemy and you increase your score by hitting him. But each time you do so, the more difficult the game will become.



The game was selected to be presented at the TUM Demoday.