The Winds of Decay

  • Description: Creation of a fantasy-world, races, culture et cetera
  • Technology: Hexographer (for world map), LaTeX
  • Scale: One semester (among other subjects)
  • Team Size: Three
  • Job: Story and Narrative Design
  • Biggest Learning: Bottom-Up Design and Inspiration can feel weird, but end up great and satisfying.


During the subject “Storyworlds”, we learned to effectively build a fictitious world from scratch.

“Winds of Decay” is about the soldier “Kalatel”, who must learn that rules and a sense of duty can be counterproductive in a chaotic world. A crisis has erupted from the capital city through the production of a drug, which annihilates the previous well-organized order. Not only that, an eastern race threatens the nation with an invasion.

Another task was to write a derivate. I decided to write a film script about how the antagonist of the story, Mola Tarin, rose to her position.