Dreams of Glory

  • Description: Pen & Paper Role-playing System
  • Technology: LaTeX
  • Scale: Since 2016, considered “frozen” since end of 2018
  • Team Size: Only me
  • Job: Design rules and mechanics to fulfill my goal philosophies, write into a rulebook. Prototyping, testing, and evaluating.
  • Download-Link: Currently unavilable
  • Biggest Learning: Iteration, iteration, more iteration. A good workflow and being open to throw away own ideas is key.


The main goal of this project is to enable as much freedom in character creation and gameplay as possible, while not getting overcomplicated. Furthermore, as every PnP group plays differently, a clear rule structure and a loose correlation between the different subsystems allows “Dreams of Glory” to be easy to modify.

Another goal is to have a helpful guide through the character generation, to avoid players of creating “unrealistic” characters.

My magic system (and every other supernatural concept) is based on a pseudo-logic. This is done so that players can understand the systems even better (and more intuitive), are able to on-the-fly understand the limits and capabilities of spells.