Robinson Crusoe Scenarios

  • Description: Custom made additional scenarios for “Robinson Crusoe – Adventures on the Cursed Island”
  • Technology: Inkscape
  • Scale: Side-project (over months)
  • Team Size: Only me
  • Job: Creation of new story and gameplay elements, and interesting designs (only in german for now!)
  • Biggest Learning: Estimating difficulty of brand new game interactions and effects can be extremely hard. Reflecting with playtesting and receiving feedback from others can be a great tool.


As the original board game does not have particularly many game scenarios, I decided to write my own.

There are five so far:

  • Crazy Greg: He does some stupid things and get you and the others hurt. The scenario plays with having to perform a lot of insecure actions. Additionally, the party needs to keep Greg alive even though he hurts himself.
  • Long Winter: This scenarios is extremely long (16 rounds) and provides a good amount of preparation time. But afterwards, it becomes increasingly difficult. In the end, getting food is challenging and rain counts as snow clouds.
  • Necessary Sacrifice: There is a stupid clown with you, and he eats all your food and doesn’t help at all. For the party to win, they have to let him go, But killing a fellow survivor is harder than it sounds.
  • Poison Island: The group wants to find rare species of animals. But the island is covered with insects, spreading poison and illness. This sickness can spread to other players and requires much attention.
  • Treasure Island: Treasure, everywhere! But the glory comes with a price. Greed is spreading among the group, and the more treasure the party has, the more difficult it becomes to survive.

The scenarios were played among my family. They are not considered finished but rather in a beta state, as further balancing tweaks might be necessary.